• Do you need a License to take the class? You don’t need a license to take GlamCo training to get started on your journey. However if you would like to work in a professionally, then you will need to obtain either a cosmetology or esthetician license (if required in your state).
  • Where are you all located? We have in-person training locations throughout the east coast. The exact address is sent out in training details email once a student enrolls. Due to a high volume of unexpected visitors coming to check out trainings, we no longer give out the exact address to un-registered students.
  • How do I get Certified? Under the guidance of GlamCo® Educators, all students must successfully complete all certification requirements to earn their certification.

    To earn your certification and become a GlamCo® Certified Luxury Lash Artist, you must:

  • successfully complete all required training lessons & activities

  • successfully follow all proper care, safety & sanitation protocols

  • successfully demonstrate proper technique and skills

  • successfully demonstrate proper use of products

  • successfully complete your first full set of luxurious eyelash extensions from start to finish — beginning with a consolation and ending with proper aftercare.