Just start all ready, Heyyyy Hi Y'all Doing

Updated: Jun 5

With all to come in the next 7 months of 2021 I've decided to just start my blog. With so much that's been holding me back wheather it be fear, procrastination, writers block what ever it may be I'm here now. Im looking forward to letting my inner thoughts out about my life, travels, beauty, health, love, finance etc. So I guess let me introduce myself, Hi my name is Monroe BrooKe I am a 25 year old entrepreneur/esthetician trying to navigate this beautiful world we live on experiencing this thing called life.

I like to describe myself as a optimist, minimalist, who is very social and not so social at the same time. It all depends how much energy I have to give, and how stimulating the actual convo is. Don't judge me but I also like to be in the bed by 9:15 to watch reruns of The Office, read a book of choice and brainstorm on my next move.

Well I hope that sums up a bit about me, at this point my ADHD is telling me to go for a walk so I going to head out and get some Vitamin D on my skin. I hope you love what you read and become a member of The Official Glam co. Peace and Love my Glam Bugs.

xoxo Monroe BrooKe

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